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Location: ZOOM & Ker Thiossane

Dates: 7 & 8th April- 10:00 am GMT



Artifical Intelligence

& artistic creation

A workshop led by two development engineers from the Thsimologong Maker Space in collaboration with one of the founding members of the Galsen AI collective and Kër Thiossane's fablab Defko Ak Niep, to introduce fifteen artists from Dakar (from Lumbumbumbashi) and Johannesburg to the basics of Artificial Intelligence in the different fields of creation (visual; sound; performative) through theoretical and technical explanations and small practical exercises. Accompanied by computer scientists, developers of fablabs, the artists will have at the end of this workshop a better understanding of the potential offered to them by Artificial Intelligence in terms of creativity. One of the objectives of this workshop is to give the artists the opportunity to explore and experiment with these innovative technologies.


Workshop for artists

Compulsory registration


Day 1: After an introduction to AI terminology and its potential, the workshop will focus on 2 major aspects of this field: data and deep learning. 

Day 2: This second session will focus on the machine learning and its architecture, as well as on GANs or generative antagonistic networks, techniques derived from the machine learning. 

Each section of the workshop will propose both demos, videos/audio, and exercises, advancing step by step on the different techniques of artificial intelligence and providing participants with tools they can use during and after the workshop.

Tsimologong Makerspace
In 2013 Prof. Barry Dwolatsky, the director of Wits University’s JCSE (Johannesburg Centre of Software Engineering), first mooted the idea of a digital innovation hub in Braamfontein. In the very heart of Johannesburg.

The idea grew into a zone that links hardware, software and digital content innovation with commercial success. A Precinct where technology businesses and digital products are nurtured and ideas become viable businesses. 

Local and national government, as well as relevant private sector players, partnered with the University to create, in the words of Vice-Chancellor Adam Habib, an “interlocutor to change our world”.

The Tshimologong Precinct officially opened on the 1st of September 2016 and, since then, the vision has fast turned into reality.


GalsenAI is a community initiated by young Senegalese passionate about data sciences and IoT. Its aim is to set up a platform for intellectual exchange, popularisation and learning on any subject revolving around AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data or IoT (Internet of Things or Internet of Things in French): to create a coworking space open to anyone with a passion for data sciences.


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Hloniphani has been working in AI  and Data Science since 2017. Prior to that he worked on upcoonversion nanophoshors with applications on cooling quantum computing  machines. Before then, he worked in academic research in cardiovascular diseases, analytical environmental chemistry and pharmacology. Prior to that he worked in iron and steel manufacturing. He’s interests are application of machine learning to healthcare, finance, resource allocation and football.

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(BEng Aeronautical Engineering)

Gael has been building AI solutions for the past 4 years. One of his flagship projects  is a voice activated smart cane solution for blind which uses a combination of AI technologies such as object detection and classification, facial recognition and natural language processing. Gael also teaches software engineering, mobile app programming and machine learning in-person and remotely. He has been a tutor at the University of the Witwatersrand since 2012. He is the Lead AI and Software Architect for all machine learning and software development projects undertaken at Bluemachines. At the moment, one of his research projects is training dones to fly autonomusly  using machine learning.He’s involved in futuristic design and simulations (CFD). Gael was part of Wits Solar Car from December 2014 to March 2014.

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Artificial intelligence consultant, social entrepreneur and teacher. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Assane Seck University in Ziguinchor and a master's degree in Business Intelligence at the Cheikh Anta DIOP University in Dakar, Elias Ba grew up and did all my schooling in Senegal. Currently head of the Data & Intelligence department of the airline Air Senegal SA and professor of Artificial Intelligence at Coursera. He also lectures in Senegalese universities. Passionate about this field, he is the founder and president of the GalsenAI association, a community of more than 2000 members composed of researchers, students, entrepreneurs and professionals working in the field of artificial intelligence in Senegal and abroad. It has just launched its startup, Neograph, which offers services in the field of artificial intelligence and data.

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