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Digital partnership Belgium - Senegal.


The asbl KIKK (KIKK Festival) and its director Marie Du Chastel, the independent curator Delphine Buysse, the digital art center Ker Thiossane (Festival Afropixel) and its artistic director Marion Louisgrand Sylla strengthen their solid relationship through exchanges sustainable and regular focused on supporting the capacity building of artists (in digital techniques: making, sound, video, lighting, etc.) and the production of works in preparation for their dissemination in cultural events in the digital sector in Senegal and Belgium (Afropixel Festival 2021 - KIKK 2021 - Partcours 2021 - Biennale 2022).


The main mission of this partnership is to show the importance of Africa in the digital age, in particular as a vector of cultural imaginaries, social and oral traditions and intangible heritage by presenting the perspective of a range of artists from the continent. African or diaspora.



Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival was founded in 2014 as a collaboration between the Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct and the Wits School of Arts, Digital Arts Department. It was founded on the premise that in order for innovation with technology to succeed, a strong connection needs to be made to African cultural practices and creative encounters.


A multi-disciplinary festival creating access to and showcasing the intersection of culture, innovation and technology with an African focus. It takes place annually (early Sept.) in Johannesburg, and additionally offers op-up programming across the city, in addition to curated programmes by invitation to other festivals during the year. It has reached an annual audience of 6000 participants, with the majority of them being in the ages of 18 to 25, followed by those 26 to 35. 


In 2020 Fak’ugesi Festival went online with its #PowerToThePixel programme aimed to empower digital creatives to shape the future of digital platforms.

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Arts Collaboratory (AC) is a translocal ecosystem of twenty-five organizations situated in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Netherlands that is focused on art practices, processes of social change, and working with communities beyond the field of art.

Arts Collaboratory has a self-governing structure.A Future Plan and lifeline from each organization has replaced funding applications and reports, and the ecosystem is run by working groups drawn from AC.

The annual assembly is integral to the way in which Arts Collaboratory operates as a translocal organization in line with our ethical principles. It is the moment in which the organizations gather and live together, share and tool knowledge, address issues and challenges in a mode of collective study, and engage in decision-making processes.


Haus der e lektronischen Künste


Platohedro, Waza and Kër Thiossane are part of Arts Collaboratory, a translocal network, comprising more than 23 organizations around the world, focused on artistic practices and processes of social change working with communities beyond the artistic field.


Arts Collaboratory is a meeting point where these organizations can share their knowledge, collaborate on projects and together build a financial and emotional base. This ecosystem is characterized by the establishment of a process of study in collectivity, the practice of self-sufficiency and self-determination as well as interdependence through the radical imagination.




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Tools for acting, thinking, learning and organising by commoning

Remix is a production collective working for the commons movement. It allows to carry out research-action and mediation projects on the commons and by commoning. Remix participates in advocacy for the recognition of solidarity-based sharing and self-organised practices. Remix structures information on the commons through semantic web tools in order to make collective solidarity action visible.




Génération Afrotopia is an association founded in Paris in 2019, by Marie-Yemta Moussanang and Maeva Ekoua, with the mission to contribute to the research, collection, production and circulation of emancipatory ideas and forms of action from Africa and its diaspora, to equip young people to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Génération Afrotopia conducts research and dissemination of ideas and practices of emancipation in different media: artistic creations, publications, audiovisual productions, mooc, pedagogical workshops, methodological tools, meetings and conferences.

The studio Génération Afrotopia imagines, produces and distributes series of podcasts and videos to promote the circulation of knowledge of the Afro-diaspora intangible cultural heritage (ideas, knowledge, memories, eco-socio-cultural practices ...).


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