Ker Thiossane is a multimedia art center based in Dakar, Senegal

Kër Thiossane's team, in collaboration with Deynaba Gabrielle Ndiaye, teacher-researcher in social psychology at the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences), carried out about fifteen filmed interviews. Neighbours, artists, civil society actors, activists, religious leaders, etc. were interviewed in Wolof about their perception of living together today in Senegal.

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During the whole festival, news vidéos will be added, in Wolof, French and English. At the menu: Gouvernance & Communs - Definitions of Commons - Nature & Commons - Neighbourhood & CommOns - Education & Commons - Peace & Commons - Common living & Commons - Traditions & Commons - Artists et Commons - Covid & Commons - Spirituality & Commons.

THE SCHOOL OF THE COMMONS - a societal laboratory based on artistic experimentation, free culture and shared knowledge


In the heart of the capital of Dakar, the Kër Thiossane School of Communes aims to develop or consolidate actions of solidarity, neighbourhood and citizenship, through art and technology. It seeks the possibility of elaborating "solutions" to urban and social problems, on the basis of meetings and various projects, to defend the awareness of a common interest.


While the Commons'movement in the North was beginning to create schools of the People's University type, in 2013, Kër Thiossane wanted to formalise the actions initiated since 2012 around common goods, in Senegal, by opening a school where the En-Commun would be experimented with on a daily basis in its neighbourhood, around a shared artistic garden and a Fablab centre, at the heart of the public space. An open space for transdisciplinary research and experimentation, combining art, technology, urban ecology, economy and good neighbourly practices. 

Kër Thiossane based this school in the district of Sicap, a district known to have been the first residential area of the capital designed by President Senghor, which has deteriorated considerably in forty years. Kër Thiossane set up the Ecole des Communs on a co-ownership area abandoned in the neighbourhood, which used to be a public garden that had become a dump and a place of aggression. In agreement with the inhabitants of the adjoining buildings and local institutions, the "Jet d'eau" artistic garden and the fablab "Defko Ak Niep" (Do it with others) were first started in 2014, followed by a permaculture education centre, the "Solidarity Garden" in 2016. 


Within this framework, the association regularly offers quality artistic and digital content, based on free culture and the sharing of knowledge. Through activities alternating between artists' interventions, urban or traditional cultures, workshops dedicated to advanced technologies, electronics, botany..., meetings and public discussions, Kër Thiossane has in a few years made tangible this utopia of recreating common ground and hope in this public space that had been abandoned until then, and which everyone was lamenting. This school for the common people really triggered a trigger in the minds of the inhabitants of the buildings and the neighbourhood about the possibility of taking back their living environment.