In the pandemic context affecting us, artists from all over the world have been the first to be restricted in their activities. Today, they are experimenting with communication tools, no longer just as tools for dissemination but as tools for creation, while maintaining the poetic, political and inter-cultural character of art. These residencies propose to artists and collectives open to collaborative practices to create, together, beyond cultural and linguistic barriers, new formats combining modernity and tradition, inviting us to develop our imaginations to open the window to possible futures in common. The results of these residencies will be presented through participative experiences on the web or during live performances, not to be missed under any circumstances!

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For the Afropixel#8 festival residency, Marcus Neustetter, responds to the demands of our times by examining new co-production possibilities around the world. In March 2021, a series of creative co-production sessions on Zoom and WhatsApp will be organised with 12 participants from Senegal, DRC, Colombia, Switzerland and South Africa, who will collaborate with artist Marcus Neustetter (Austria and South Africa) to develop a collective narrative and explore the notion of a common vision for the future.​



During the Afropixel#8 residency, the group Nani$ôka invites 3 artists to think about the elements of a digital mask, its history, its legend and its implementation. Then, we will make video capsules for each mask, showing its production, history and use. The masks will be published on the artist's insta account, that of Nani$ôka and Ker Thiossane during the Afropixel festival. The videos will be published at the end of the residency, on the Afropixel website and on our respective networks. The masks will thus be able to circulate in the digital space, inviting us to continue this collective narration.